Testimonials from Around the World

  • Cambodia

    Dr. Chea Samnang

    Goodwill Ambassador to UNFPA

    Cambodian movie star

    August 05, 2009

    I am very happy to see and join AngkorOne.com. This is such a pride that AngkorOne.com has involved and showed charitable activities through which the artists and celebrities can also participate. My proverb is "Life is too short and only our reputation can be sustained”. Therefore, I ask all the artists, celebrities and generous people to unite with AngkorOne.com for our country's reputation and dignity as well as our own. In the end I bless and thank the CEO and the entire staff of AngkorOne.com.
  • Australia

    Christopher Lee

    Founder and President of HEDC International

    Trained over 80,000 Cambodians since 1996

    July 21, 2009

    ...I applaud the founder and CEO AngkorOne.com, Mr. Steven Path and his team of dedicated young women and men for bringing it into reality and in so doing provide Khmers from every corner of the globe with a practical mean of bringing them closer to develop their beloved country. The guiding vision of AngkorOne.com, "Khmers Unite, Inspire and Share" is consistent with the universal law of success and I am confident AngkorOne.com will contribute significantly toward the future peace and prosperity of Cambodia. more
  • Cambodia

    Yuthara Chhany and Chorn Chanleakhena

    Chhany: Goodwill Ambassador to MARISTOPS

    Cambodian movie stars

    August 05, 2009

    Joining AngkorOne.com, we realize another pride for all Cambodian people as well as for us both because AngkorOne.com has brought the world closer to all of us and be with us by providing all information about Cambodia and by making Cambodian people have greater access to the world and have opportunity to make many friends with people here and from around the globe. Therefore, we join AngkorOne.com for ourselves and for all.
  • USA

    Channa Pheng

    Biology/Pre-med Student

    August 05, 2009

    I love Angkorone.com. This website has enabled me to connect with Khmers not only in Cambodia but all over the globe. As one of the many active members, Angorkone is absolutely a site where I can meet wonderful and intellectual Khmers, make new friends, share common interests and ideas, as well as learn and exchange different traditions and cultures among each other. There are many great and useful social networking tools that are easily accessible. Personally, I adore the academics section where I can practice and improve my Khmer skills. more
  • Thailand

    Sreng Sopheap

    Gender and Development Student

    August 05, 2009

    It has been amazing how AngkorOne has helped me reunite with my former friends both in Cambodia and abroad. I used to spend quite a big amount of time in other web tools to get connected, but I rarely have had such great connectivity as what AngkorOne is offering me. Easy, quick, responsive, dynamics and interactive contents. I am proud to be a part of this sort of "get together online". I am certain that Cambodia where it used to be isolated, now become connected and where all Khmers like myself out of the country can keep contacts with my friends, colleagues and build new friendship across the world.
  • Cambodia

    Bernadette Bolo-Duthy

    Country Director

    Habitat for Humanity Cambodia

    6 August, 2009

    ...HFH Cambodia is a proud supporter of AngkorOne.com and its innovative programs designed to inspire and engage Khmers across Cambodia to volunteer and give back to the communities in which they live. Volunteering changes lives and brings unity. By providing Cambodian youth with opportunities to take part in a diverse range of charitable and social engagements, AngkorOne.com is a leader in its field. HFH Cambodia is honored to partner with volunteers from AngkorOne.com. more
  • USA

    Dr. Sam Keo

    Department of Mental Health

    Program Support Bureau

    August 26, 2009

    I went to almost all the tabs in the AngkorOne.com website. It was breath taken. If it is not perfect, it is very close! AngkorOne.com is one of the most comprehensive websites I've ever encountered. We probably can almost find anything we are looking for in the sites, especially, subject related to Cambodia. I am very proud of the team diligently in their effort to build this website. I will definitely share this website among families, friends and colleague.
  • Australia

    Alex Khun

    Science and Technology Reporter

    ABC Radio Australia

    August 05, 2009

    ...great work to those of AngkorOne team who come up with such brilliant ideas in creating the portal and to be able to deliver world-class technology to Cambodia and its people and to execute them seamlessly. Well done and I'll definitely continue to use the site, be it for social networking or for general information or for finding a job. I love playing the quiz games. more
  • US

    Shawn Rath

    Director of a Real Estate Investment Group

    September 08, 2009

    ...Through AngkorOne, I was recently reunited with my long lost friends from high school. AngkorOne is the entity that forces Cambodia to emerge into the new frontier of technologies in the 21st century. AngkorOne is one universe, where we can all become one. Together we can achieve, share new ideas, and explore the world beyond our imaginations and our eyes can see. more
  • Cambodia

    Nop Tithtola

    August 05, 2009

    AngkorOne.com is the biggest and the first Cambodia web portal... Through AngkorOne.com we can tell the world that Cambodia has a great online community like other developed countries... We can tell the world how wonderful Cambodia is by showing them the culture, entertainment, beautiful tourism sites and so on. We can communicate with friends and share knowledge as well as doing fun things together. more