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If you are an owner of a site that offers Cambodia related content and you want maximum exposure to Khmers globally, we highly encourage you to share your content on AngkorOne. You can share your content today by following the two easy steps below. If you need technical assistance, please send an email to

Step 1: Add one of the AngkorOne links on your site

Copy and paste one of the following code blocks into your site

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Step 2: Add your content to share

Copy and replace parameters with the link you want to share

Five parameters to replace: <image_url>, <image_width>, <image_height>, <news_description>, <news_title>

<meta name="content_img_src" content="<img src='<image_url>' width='<image_width>' height='<image_height>' />" />
<meta name="description" content="<news_description>" />
<meta name="title" content="<news_title>" />

We look forward to seeing your content on AngkorOne.

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