Steven Path

Steven Path

  • Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Steven Path (44) lives in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and is the founder and CEO of AngkorOne. He is the visionary force driving product development and business strategy for the company. Steven left Cambodia in 1975 at the age of seven as a refugee to settle in the US. Steven is a natural entrepreneur who started his first internationally-acclaimed software company at the tender age of 14 – just seven years after regaining his freedom. Drawing on 26 years of technology innovations and entrepreneurial experience in the US, Steven has returned to his homeland as one of the first Social Entrepreneurs -- building a leading international mobile game and web app company and enabling it to fund and promote social outreach programs in Cambodia. He has mobilized a world-class team of highly motivated and patriotic Cambodians to share his vision. Steven was hand-picked to join the initial senior management staff of a technology startup. During the first US Internet boom led by Yahoo and, he reaped big rewards when the firm went public with a market valuation of nearly $1 billion during its first month of trading. On the heels of this success, Steven started EmergingSoft, a consulting and software development firm catering to high-end clients seeking cutting edge technology solutions. Today EmergingSoft owns the #1 Microsoft Outlook room booking software. Steven has also provided IT leadership to Fortune 100 companies, including UnitedHealth Group and Wells Fargo.

Linath Sean

  • Creative Manager

Linath Sean (30) lives in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and serves as the Creative Manager at AngkorOne. He leads a talented graphics and animation team to passionately build beautiful world-class mobile games and websites. Linath brings over eight years of high quality creative design and leadership experience. He most recently worked as a senior graphics designer at Interquess Enterprise, aka Cambodia Yellow Pages. Linath holds a Bachelor’s degree in Management Information System (MIS) from the National Institute of Management.

Lyna Keat

  • Web and Application Development Manager

Lyna Keat (26) lives in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and serves as the Web and Application Development Manager at AngkorOne. She leads a top-notch web development and Quality Assurance (QA) team to passionately build world-class websites and applications. Lyna has over six years of innovative web design and development experience. Lyna first started her web development career at Yoolk, Inc, Cambodia’s largest IT employer, where she gained invaluable international work experience. Lyna holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information Economic from Royal University of Law and Economics. Currently, she is pursuing her master’s degree in business and management.

Suykry Path

Suykry Path

  • Cambodia Relations Director

Suykry Path (67) lives in the United States and is the Cambodia Relations Director at Angkor One, where he helps establish and strengthen relationships with Cambodian government officials and other entities to streamline and promote business operations. Mr. Path has over 33 years of service to Cambodian communities both in Cambodia and the United States. He has mobilized a valuable worldwide network of prominent Cambodians and influential media contacts in the homeland, France, Australia, Switzerland, the UK and the US. These relationships will assure maximum exposure and adoption of our products. In Cambodia, Mr. Path has worked in the forestry national service for over 10 years, including 3 years as the Forestry Division Chief in Pailin city. In the US, he has over 30 years of Information Technology experience, working for large organizations such as Cap Gemini (Unisys), HEAF/HEMAR and US Postal Service. Mr. Path graduated with honors from National School of Forestry, Agriculture and Veterinary with a BA in Forestry, Fishing and Hunting.

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