Previously only companies can afford thousands of dollars to advertise on TV. Now, with the introduction of CTN Good Wish you can share a personal message such as a birthday wish or a congratulations to a friend or family member to an estimated 4 million CTN viewers worldwide. Every Friday, the hosts of the Internet Talk show will personally announce each ad for 15 seconds as they appear full-screen on TV.

The standard rate to place a 15-second CTN Good Wish is only $50, but for a limited time offer, you can share a personal message for even less at $30.

There are currently 10 different categories of various templates that we have designed for you to easily set up your personal message. If none of the categories match the message you want to share, you can create a custom template.

How to Place a CTN Good Wish:

Option A: In Person at AngkorOne Office

  • Stop by during the following hours: Monday – Friday: 8AM – Noon,1:30PM – 5:00PM
  • Be sure to bring your payment and a photo to be included in the ad

Option B: Online on

  1. Make payment
  2. Notification on ad approval