• AngkorOne Consulting delivers world-class IT solutions on a budget -- specializing in a win-win partnership with small to medium size companies in outsourcing entire IT development. Our core operation is based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia – home of one of the fastest growing talented and English speaking IT professionals. The company is led by a Cambodian-American entrepreneur Steven Path, who has 20+ years of technology innovations and leadership experience in the United States.

    Client Benefits:

    • Significant cost advantage – our average consulting rate is only one tenth of the cost in the US. Keep your 90% savings or grow your team by 1,000 percent with the same IT budget
    • Strong English communications
    • World class IT experience
    • Innovative leadership experience from the US

    Social Responsibility:

    AngkorOne is deeply committed to social outreach, and considers our business to be a powerful vehicle for improving the lives of those most in need.

  • Today, we have assembled one of the most talented IT staffs Cambodia has to offer. We attract and retain them by offering US entrepreneurial type incentives and culture – unprecedented in Cambodia. Our mission is to become the #1 IT outsourcing company in the country by end of this year.

    Key Traits:

    • Strong English communications
    • Rigorously trained to consistently deliver world class solutions
    • Friendly and pleasant
    • Strong work ethic

    Technical Specialty:

    • Website development
    • Mobile development
    • Flash development
    • Graphics design
    • Screen scraping of websites
    • Visual Studio C#.NET
    • SQL Server
    • Javascript and AJAX

    Staff Incentives:

    • Above market rate compensation
    • Quarterly profit sharing
    • Stock options for key employees
  • Our work environment promotes high productivity, enjoyment, convenience and safety. We are known as the “Google of Cambodia” when it comes to work environment and culture.

    Office Benefits:

    • Office is located in the business epicenter and safest area of Cambodia
    • Office is open 24 hours to accommodate client business hours
    • Fast and reliable Internet access (99.9% uptime)
    • Video conference call capability on all computers
    • Real-time voice calls between US and Cambodia - sounds like we're in the same building
    • Standard computer setup includes dual monitors for maximum productivity
    • Free meal and drinks for staff every day
    • For team building and stress relief, there’s table tennis, basketball and karaoke on office premise
    • 24 hour security guards
  • Cambodia has emerged from its dark period of the 70’s to become the second fastest growing Asian economy after China at 9.8% GDP growth between 1998-2007. In August of 2010, Swiss banking giant UBS designated Cambodia as a “mini-tiger.

    In December of 2010, China’s #1 network CCTV closely examines Cambodia’s strong economic recovery and highlights AngkorOne’s Steven Path as one of the former entrepreneurial refugees returning to Cambodia. Click on above to see full news report.

    Carol Rodley -- US Ambassador to Cambodia’s quote at a speech in April of 2010: “I am optimistic about Cambodia’s future and eager to enhance the role of the private sector toward making that bright future a reality.”

    Recent US Relations Milestones:

    • In May of 2010, US and Cambodia celebrated the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations.
    • In June of 2009, US lifted trade restrictions for Cambodia.
  • The #1 Cambodian social networking site in the world

  • Quality Internet leads and sales for the US automotive industry

  • Cambodia’s leading rice exporter and domestic producer

  • Cambodia’s largest and foremost insurance provider

The decision to outsource our entire IT development to AngkorOne Consulting has been the most pleasant and productive win-win partnership to date. I particularly trust its leadership team, which has extensive innovative technology and business experience from the United States.