Careers At AngkorOne

Today we have one of the most talented, hard-working and compassionate staffs in the country. Our mission is to build an Internet and tourism powerhouse while impacting Cambodia’s social development. We have the following career opportunities for those who want to join our world-class team and help change the world:

Full-time Job:

  • Visual Studio C#.NET Developer (2 positions--Phnom Penh)
  • Sales and Marketing Coordinator (tourism experience preferred--Phnom Penh)
  • Sales and Marketing Manager (tourism experience preferred--Phnom Penh)
  • Tourism Operations Manager (Siem Reap)
  • Customer Service (2 positions--Phnom Penh; day and night shifts)


  • Content Creator and Promoter (5 positions--Phnom Penh) – actively engage members of and recruit others to join
  • Quality Assurance/Website Testing (2 positions--Phnom Penh)


  • Speak English fluently as English is our company standard
  • Strong work ethic
  • High productivity
  • Passion for excellence

Attractive Compensation Package (unique to Cambodia):
(not applicable to internship)

  • Generous monthly salary
  • Career development at a US-based company
  • Profit sharing when applicable
  • Eligible to receive stock options (company ownership)

Send your CV, photo and salary requirements to

Top 10 Reasons to Join

  1. According to, AngkorOne is the #1 ranked Khmer social networking site in the world -- focusing on delivering content and features that are most valuable to Khmers globally, including social networking, dating, blogs, news, forum, contests and social outreach programs.
  2. Social networking with the largest dynamic Khmer community by sharing personal interests, photos, videos, family trees and blogs. You will quickly gain new friends or even find true love.
  3. Home of the leading civil and intellectual Khmer forum in the world -- attracting Khmers from around the world with diverse ethnicity, academics and experiences to share ideas that are inspirational and educational, and offers hope for a better future as individuals and for our beloved homeland.
  4. Join the AngkorOne Top Member Challenge where prizes worth over $4,000 are given to the top 100 members every three months. We are the only social networking site in the world where you have a chance to win all kinds of wonderful prizes while staying connected with your friends, sharing knowledge in the forum, keeping abreast with Cambodia news and having fun.
  5. Join the CTN Quiz of the Day contest -- co-produced by CTN Internet Talk and Audiences from all over the world are given the opportunity to compete in this Quiz contest. The winner will receive a prize from AngkorOne and have their AngkorOne profile featured on CTN, Cambodian’s #1 television network.
  6. Use the fastest proprietary News Reader on the Internet to view the latest news about Cambodia from the most reliable sources.
  7. Explore Cambodia like never before with our proprietary interactive map. Gain instant access to thousands of photos, videos, articles, links, satellite images and tour guides of the most popular destinations in Cambodia.
  8. The first Internet social enterprise that will donate 5-25% of all profits to improving Cambodia’s social development and Khmers around the world are offered the opportunity to join the cause.
  9. Proprietary technology built internally by our staff, enabling us to dream and think “outside the box” – delivering the ultimate user experience for all Cambodians.
  10. Bilingual support of English and Khmer.